ECU Accessories

Select ECU Accessories

  • Wideband O2 Sensor

    Bosch Wideband Sensor used with ECU and Gauge
    Includes Calibration settings in your ECU base map.
    Allows very easy tuning because AFR data is logged into the ECU

  • Serial - USB Adapter

    Serial - USB Adapter - this is a proven adapter and driver combination that will work with no issues.

  • EGT Sensor

    Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor - helps determine how far to push your tune

  • Fuel/Oil Pressure Sensor

    145 PSI Pressure Sensor for Fuel and Oil. Can be used to trim values in the ECU, or to activate a warning light

  • Boost Solenoid

    Electronic Boost Control Solenoid for use with the Lugtronic or any other ECU.
    Take advantage of the powerful multi-stage boost control of your ECU for maximum traction!

  • Vacuum Fitting/Tubing Kit

    High quality push-to-connect fittings and tubing for your Wastegate, Boost Controller, BOV, etc.
    Assemble your hoses in seconds. No zip ties needed!