• M&W CDI Ignition

    The world leader in CDI technology, M&W has many different models to suit any installation.

  • Autronic 500R CDI Ignition

    Another great CDI unit, proven by some of the record setting VW's we have tuned.
    The 500R is a direct fire 4 channel Capacitor Discharge Ignition System available in single or multiple discharge models.
    Designed for direct fire of engines up to 8 cylinders and 2 rotor rotary engines. It contains a pair of 2 output ignitions (two dump capacitors) allowing simultaneous ignition on 2 outputs for twin plug or split ignition application.
    The trigger inputs are highly interference tolerant minimizing any chance of cross triggering of ignition channels. High efficiency circuitry ensures cool running and safe operation in hot environments.
    This unit is capable of full ignition output power up to 18000 RPM and will function to 22000 RPM even in 8 cylinder applications.
    The 500R CDI has a fast rise time to create a very powerful spark that is ideal for very high cylinder pressure engines on any fuel.

  • Motec CDI8 Ignition

    Designed to drive up to eight low-impedance CDI coils, the CDI-8 effectively combines an 8 channel ignition expander with an 8 channel CDI module in one compact unit. The circuitry can reliably deliver 450 volt primary voltage at 15 000 RPM (or at 30 000 RPM for 4 cylinders). The output stages deliver up to 200 A into the CDI coil primary.

  • Bosch Motorsport Ignition Coilpack

    Hands-down the best coilpack available for VW/Audi cars.
    Uses OEM ignition wires from VR6/16v/ABA engines.

    4 Cylinder "Wasted Spark" Ignition Coilpack

  • 6 Cylinder "Wasted Spark" Ignition Coilpack